AfroSentric is a family-run business established in 2020 with a desire to make quality Afro Caribbean groceries easily accessible to people in the UK regardless of their location.

Our mission is to enable you to explore and relive the Afro Caribbean culinary experience as often as you would like to.

The UK has been our family home for many years. However, we try to stay connected to our West African (Nigerian to be precise) heritage while celebrating our wider Afro Caribbean heritage as often as we can.

One of the ways we do this is through food. Having family discussions over tasty traditional Afro Caribbean meals is usually a bonding moment for our family to share values and create memories. However, special moments like these haven’t always come easily.

After settling in the UK, our family moved around various towns and cities for work and personal reasons. In most of the places we moved to, we struggled to find shops carrying African ingredients that were easily accessible (i.e., close to home) and affordable. When we did find such shops, we noticed that their products were overpriced and often not standardised or of high quality.

Due to this difficulty in sourcing Nigerian ingredients, we found that our children were becoming unaware of staple African food items which we enjoyed growing up and began developing a preference for only non Afro Caribbean meals. This was a sign that there was a gap we needed to bridge.

When we speak to Africans like us who live in the diaspora and who often have multicultural families, about African delicacies, we hear the same sentiments expressed. Many have shared with us how they miss having the African meals they grew up with due to the challenge of finding Afro Caribbean shops.

Our interactions with non-Africans also indicated an interest in exploring popular Nigerian delicacies such as moi moi (steamed bean cake), dodo (fried plantain) and jollof rice.

Those interactions also highlighted the need for a reliable online shop, offering a wide range of fresh ingredients that are easy to understand and easy to order.

During the nationwide pandemic-led lockdowns, many families found themselves separated by distance. Many told us of the difficulty in sending African food products to friends and families during special events such as birthdays, anniversaries or to just show that they care.


Our primary goals are to:

  • Make quality Afro Caribbean food items easily accessible;
  • Kindle interest in African cultural heritage and values through food; and
  • Promote Afro Caribbean food culture more widely across the UK.

If you are a growing family with a busy routine or a student in UK and jostling your time between study, part time job and life generally, or simply a food explorer looking for fresh ingredients to try Afro Caribbean dishes, AfroSentric has you covered.

AfroSentric offers you a convenient, timely and cost effective way to source your Afro Caribbean products.

We specialise in Afro Caribbean groceries and original products of the highest quality. We focus on bringing African and Caribbean products from around the world to your doorstep.

Our reliable delivery service ensures that you regularly receive Afro Caribbean products at any destination of your choice on a day of your choice.

We delight in providing you with great Afro Caribbean brands and the best shopping experience in terms of range, service and price competitiveness.

We hope you enjoy the AfroSentric experience.