African food items to explore in 2022

In recent years, African cuisine has gained widespread popularity, particularly across the UK and US, where diners are embracing traditional African food items in local restaurants, such as matambele, jumbo chicken, yam, black eyes beans and tilapia fish.

Many folks in the UK have developed a taste for either African cuisine or use a number of African food and grocery items to give their home-cooked food a special twist. Even if you’ve never tried traditional African food or some of the ingredients used in the dishes, 2022 is a great time to start exploring the magic that goes into African dishes.

Aani Golden Sella Rice

This special rice offers a rich and unmistakable aroma, with a standard grain size and prominent flavour. Make any dish appealing and mouth-watering simply by using Golden Sella rice, which easily absorbs the flavours and essence of the herbs, spices, vegetables and meats you like to cook your rice in.

Scotch Bonnet Hot Pepper

A fantastic ingredient which can be used to spice up and add flavour to a variety of dishes. This hot variety of chilli pepper has become quite popular in UK restaurants and homes alike.

Horse-Mackerel fish

Horse-Mackerel fish is one of the best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. You can use it either in a grilled or smoked dish or even while making your favourite sushi. Don’t forget to use a sharp knife to remove the row of hard scales (scute) running along the lateral lines.

Cow Stripe – Aka. Saki

Any South African dish containing saki is considered a delicacy, so make your dish satisfying to the last bite by serving it lightly curried and with some new potatoes, friend onions, pap, dumplings and anything else you find pleasing.

Turkey Wings and Smoked Turkey Wings

Add a festive and appetising vibe to any dish of your choosing by adding freshly cut turkey wings or smoked turkey wings. Serve with your favourite sauce and vegetables, and you can bet everyone is in for a jolly good time!

Red Bream Fish (or simply Red Fish)

Ah yes, a very versatile and tasty pick for fish lovers indeed. Found mostly in the Mediterranean Sea and off the West African coast, Red Bream is easily available throughout the UK to help meet the yearning of fish lovers from all walks of life.

Turkey Gizzard

Did you know that the gizzard is easily among the most nutritious parts of turkey meat? It’s not only high in protein but also low in fat and boasts plenty of vitamins to keep you healthy and energised.

Goat Meat

Quality goat meat (smoked and frozen) can add a lot of flavour, fullness and texture to just about any meal. Grab your traditional African goat meat today!

Palm Oil

African palm oil has been linked to many health benefits, including protecting healthy brain function, improving the availability of Vitamin A in the body and reducing risk factors of heart disease.

Explore many more nutritious, healthy and mouth-watering African food ingredients such as corn dough, Iru locust, utazi and fufu – you’re only a click away from one magical recipe.

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