You Must Taste 4 Afro-Caribbean Dishes before You Die

Caribbean food is a blend of Indian, African,  Creole, European,  Amerindian, Cajun, Chinese,  and the other Middle East flavors. The Caribbeans have maintained their cooking traditions and practices. Traditional foods are not viewed as just a meal but as a culture for bringing the people together. Most common dishes chickpeas, cassava, comprise rice, bell peppers, beans, plantains, coconut and sweet potatoes.

Meat eat up here is mostly from pork, beef, fish or poultry. Many dishes are perfectly seasoned with traditional spices. However, the way of preparation of dishes may vary from one region to another.

1- Callaloo

Callaloo is a popular Caribbean vegetable soup prepared using green leafy Vegetables Vegetables taro, Dasheen, or eddo leaves which are cooked with okra, coconut milk and peppers. This dish has African roots, which is very old to the era of the slave trade. The delicacy is one of the favorite  dishes in Trinidad and Tobago countries, and one of the must-have dishes in a week in most Caribbean homes.

2- Grilled Deboned Jerk Chicken

Chicken is versatile around the world. You can also way get creative in your kitchen and twist the recipe according to your need. Jerk chicken is one of the treasured dishes in Caribbean and no party is complete without one. Distinguish your dinner table with Grilled Deboned Jerk Chicken will never disappoints and will leave your guests wanting more.

3- Curry Goat

Curry goat is a delicious dish which boasts of its tasty flavor. The delicacy is normally prepared with goat meat and regular spices that are behind the amazing flavor. The dish is loved by many Caribbean’s with the most of them want the dish should only be enjoyed with peas and rice.  So if you want to experience the taste to your dinner table, you should accompany this dish with rice peas.

4- Coconut Milk Rice and Peas

If you don’t like rice, then this dish will make you fall in love with rice. The dish is slowly cooked with coconut milk to create an amazing flavor.

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